The Power of our Intentions

I am a fervent believer in manifestation. Made increasingly popular throughout the early 2000’s through mainstream media and inspirational books like The Secret, manifestation and the concept of the Law of Attraction has actually been a “thing” since the early 19th century and the New Thought movement. It’s now a mainstream concept, talked about in hundreds of stories and posts online and referenced with ease in many conversations. But its pop culture popularity shouldn’t downplay or simplify its true essence; that if you truly practice with marked intent, manifestation is real.

However, the manifestation I believe in requires work and a commitment to a desired outcome. I don’t think that something will happen simply because it was thought up. I don’t subscribe to the idea that focusing your attention on an idea will ensure it is brought into reality. I do believe that what we think and feel can affect what we experience in our lives. Each of our thoughts creates a vibration that is sent out into the universe, and this vibration creates an outcome. The universe is set up to provide us with what we send out; it’s not concerned with what our actual thought is, rather it responds with a corresponding vibration to our own. When we are low, our thoughts and ideas tend to resonate at a lower vibration and our motivation and intention can sometimes lag. Conversely, when we are energized and active, we are operating at a higher vibration and our ideas, thoughts and creativity seem to be plentiful. It is within this higher vibration that our manifestations and law of attraction really takes root.

What we think, whether for our highest good or not, is what the universe is signalled to deliver. It is so very important to recognize that we can’t banish all negative thoughts from our lives, nor should we desire to do so. But we should discipline ourselves to acknowledge a negative thought and work to gently shift our perspective away from the negativity and focus on our positive goals and aspirations. Soon, it will become second nature to understand that both the negative and positive will and can exist together, but it is the positive thoughts and vibrations that we want to maintain and that, ultimately, are the thoughts we want the universe to respond to.

What is difficult in this process is to keep the thing you wish to manifest at as high a vibration as possible. But how can we be positive and highly functioning all the time? How can we assure that our intention is consistently vibrating at its highest level? This is when intent and dedication can help us.

Creating a vision board and providing ourselves with relevant affirmations can give us the constant reminder of what we are striving for. In times when we just don’t feel up to it, forcing ourselves to say our affirmations out loud and view our vision board can continue to indicate to our minds that we are still determined to reach our goals. We can use our voice to continue to relay our intentions into the universe and signal that we aim to maintain a high vibration ripe for manifestation, and we can use the tools that we set out for ourselves to help guide our thoughts and ideas into positivity of the things we wish to create.

When we make the effort to set time aside to focus and hone in on what we wish to accomplish and achieve, we are creating a positive intention that helps to shift the energies and vibrations around us. It is difficult and unrealistic to think that creating the life we desire boils down to simply thinking about something or wishing it into existence. It’s even more challenging to maintain the positive and high vibration needed to help shift our energy to what is needed to create the life we desire. Manifesting takes effort, so if we set our intentions at the beginning, it sets the roadmap to follow as we strive to create the life we desire. By referring to your vision board often, soaking in the images, words and ideas that you have created and by speaking affirmations out-loud and as often as possible, we can radically elevate our vibrations, ensuring that we are continuing to attract all the good we desire.

The universe often provides gifts throughout the year that allow for the collective energy to radiate at an optimal vibration. Often found in number sequences, these are times when we should pay special attention to remaining positive and forward thinking with our manifestations and goals. January 11 provides us with the repeating 1 sequence (111), reminding us of the power of our own voice. We are called to be optimistic at this time and focus intently on our manifestations and we can also use the positive universal vibrations to elevate our desires even more. This is a time of new beginnings and we are challenged to step joyfully into new opportunities or experiences and be steadfast in our belief in ourselves and our intentions.

Manifestation is real. It can work. But it relies on a commitment to consistently put positive thoughts and ideas out into the universe. To make the effort to recognize a negative thought pattern and shift to a more positive outlook. To acknowledge our desires and visions daily by vocalizing our affirmations and wants and using visuals to stimulate positive feelings. What you put out into the universe will be responded to in like kind. Be intentional, be consistent and be true to yourself.

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